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Next-Level Automation: Harnessing AI’s Dream Team – RPA and BPM

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My First Post Covid Trip

Ok everyone, I’m down near the island (South Padre) in my first post #covid, opening meetings with a few potential customers.  I had a post yesterday about going on a plane, and many people were interested in how the meetings turned out.  Here is a run down of how things went. Many of us have a pre flight preparation routine. I’m no different.  About 2 – 3 hours before…

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Microsoft buys Softomotive

Microsoft purchased Softomotive, an RPA vendor. When these types of consolidation happen it lends credibility to an industry. I’ve watched this happen in other industries before, like when Oracle bought big machines, when IBM bought Varicent, when SAP bought Callidus and the list goes on. These acquisitions all had their pro’s and cons. I can’t help but wonder what the result of this one will yield.

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