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RPA Implementation services

Connect the dots and set up a perfect development environment.
Robotic process automation (RPA) relies on knowing what you should implement, not just how to pull it off successfully. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are with RPA or the hurdles you’ve run into so far. With Lanshore at your side, automation becomes a seamless arm of your processes and operations, solving the small tasks that will enhance your automation strategy. We provide a tailored implementation service to meet your timelines and targets. How do we do it? By aligning people and processes from the start, ensuring your RPA software pays off while covering the most essential functions first.

There’s a better way to develop and launch automation software

It’s easy to race ahead of yourself with RPA development. Yet, automating without a scalable strategy will hold digital transformation back. Countless bots, applications, hardware components and security credentials can play havoc with your strategy. When RPA becomes complex or ill-suited to certain processes, you might become stuck maintaining bots that aren’t doing much.

That’s why we provide transparency and visibility to keep all stakeholders aware of the progress and benefits of each automation from development to deployment.

The very best RPA implementation must:

Careful planning, configuration, testing and training is essential to successful implementation. Get it right from the beginning with Lanshore’s proven services and strategies.

We make implementation scalable and manageable

Bring us into your organization. We’ll analyze everything that paves the way to the results you want with minimal disruption. Our extensive RPA experience helps us identify the processes we should prioritize together, splitting the project into phases for iterative development. You’ll never be overwhelmed or lost for direction. We make implementation straightforward and successful.

Look forward to:

Starting small

We’ll find the applications, tasks and datasets that are most suitable for automation. Quick wins lead to lightbulb moments — the realization that similar processes, or additional features, could be ripe for development next. This keeps costs, headaches and security concerns to a minimum.

Mastering development before production

Initially, we solve issues such as deciding which hardware should run your bots, which applications form the core of your transition and whether user credentials are ready within your tech stack. From there, we’ll shift gradually to the production environment, managing it on the same principles.

Handling comprehensive security

Our end-to-end project management involves securing RPA as much as launching and preparing it for easy maintenance. Lanshore solves questions around internal protections such as whether your existing processes are safe or if the right people have virtual machine access

The results? An accelerated timeline that maximizes value and return on investment.

Our implementation process cracks open your requirements

At the outset, we’ll ask you how far you’ve come with RPA software implementation and what challenges you’ve encountered. This may involve learning about your experience with test data, VPNs, scaling strategies, username consolidations for production or anything that guides and strengthens your automation goals.

We offer the full package for RPA software implementation services — including planning, customization, integration, technical support and maintenance. If you already started but need assistance, we’re here to assess your progress and steer you in the right direction. With Lanshore as your software partner, improved efficiency, scalability and cost savings are yours. Contact us to get started!

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