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Lanshore Cares

We’re committed to doing our bit to help save the planet, one action and one day at a time. We want to avoid harming the environment and we want to help it replenish itself and flourish. Right from day one, we’ve been clear that we want Lanshore to be a responsible enterprise.

Our environmental sustainability policy sets out key areas where we are striving to preserve the environment and protect the world we live in.

1.Sustainable energy

We chose to base our Robotic Operations Center (ROC) and delivery team in Costa Rica, to make it 100% carbon neutral. Lanshore’s ROC uses renewable sources of energy including hydroelectricity (Costa Rica’s largest source of energy), solar power and wind power. Our facility now runs on 100% renewable energy.


Anything that can be recycled or reused must find the proper place so that it does not go to waste. We have bins around the office for disposal of recyclable items. We encourage our employees to find alternatives to non-biodegradable items.


We have a zero-tolerance policy for when it comes to littering in our own facilities: we ask everyone in the office to pick up any trash they come across on the streets and dispose of it properly too.

4.Pollution reduction

As a company, we avoid unnecessary air travel. When we have to use it, we look for ways to offset the carbon emissions,  to mitigate harm to the environment. We encourage eco-friendly transit choices such as public transport, car-pooling and cycling.

5.Legal compliance

We make comply with all local laws and regulations relating to the environment in all our offices and workplaces.

6.Responsibility and reporting

We hold a bi-annual meeting to review how we’re doing at meeting our company’s goals relating to preservation and sustainability. We scrutinize reports and analyze our progress towards becoming 100% eco-friendly.


Lanshore’s leadership team actively oversee compliance to our rules and values throughout the workforce. We’re constantly brainstorming new ideas to find innovative ways to become as green as possible.



We are an automation consultancy and software technology provider with an established Robotic Process Automation (RPA) practice. From our heritage in HR and Sales Operations, we’ve developed a wide range of services across all sectors, with a scalable and agile delivery model.

We help our customers grow and outperform through process optimization using leading-edge AI, ML and RPA technologies. We also deploy and customize world-class proprietary software for sales performance management and commissions.

Our work supports highly productive back and front office operations to carry out complex processes fast and accurately, improving the employee and customer experience.

We are a global company supported by our Robotic Operations Centre (ROC) in Costa Rica and our Glasgow Brain Center in the UK. Together, they form a powerful team for rapid delivery of innovative solutions.