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Why Lanshore?

About Lanshore

We’re a forward thinking digital process consultancy, implementor and outsourcer, with domain expertise in sales planning, forecasting, incentive compensation, total pay and back office administration.

Our strength is in our deep knowledge of a broad range of technologies – from traditional automation products to robotic process automation, human behavior emulation and machine learning. From our experience of diverse client needs, we select the optimal combination of leading-edge tools and proven approaches to accelerate your performance, by advancing intelligence in your processes.

A global company, we have over 130 staff in EMEA and the Americas and a unique Robotic Operations Center of Excellence where we continually innovate, train, test and optimize skills and technology.

Our Approach

Lanshore’s USP is simple:

U understand the process
S select the best tools for the job
P proven, repeatable delivery

The ultimate goal for every client is performance enhancement through optimized operational processes. We help you reach your current and future organizational goals, improving speed, accuracy, efficiency, scalability, responsiveness and cost-effectiveness to support your core business strategy.

Robotic Operations Center

The ROC is our center of excellence for managing, developing and continuously improving processes and operations so they’re ready for automation, assuring our customers of a safe and productive RPA journey. We refine your processes using our best practice knowledge, then design and build custom bots for implementation. We test and refine automated processes in our ROC lab so you can deploy them with confidence in your live environment.

It’s also where we continually innovate, train and analyze, so we always have the best talent and the latest knowledge and experience to share with our clients.

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