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Optimize collaboration by aligning people and processes to support thriving talent.
Streamlining your customer relationship management (CRM) model is no mean feat. You risk too much effort, stress and complexity with the wrong approach or misconfigurations. That’s why partnering with Lanshore is the best move for ensuring your CRM investment fulfills its true potential.

The benefits we’ll give to your project

Implementing and integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365, Hubspot, Salesforce or other CRM platforms can be incredibly difficult. Not only do you have to connect sales and marketing efforts across the customer nurturing cycle, but you must also reduce manual processes wherever possible to give each team more freedom to share and utilize customer details. Lanshore’s experts handle the CRM strategy, tech stack and ongoing guidance that your employees need to work efficiently. By discovering what you do — and how you do it — we build platforms around your organization, rather than forcing a poor fit.

A shared data repository

What conversations are your marketing and sales team having? Which customer interactions are most insightful? We’ll structure evolving data sets so they’re easy to find, read and make sense of, wherever they’re coming from. Your departments will also know exactly when someone else is due to take over a qualified lead.

Essential processes and features

CRM investments are costly enough without paying to digitize processes you can leave behind. Instead of a typical “life and shift” migration, we’ll assess which small, repetitive tasks are worth transferring to the new system for custom development. It’s an opportunity to pause and determine which processes you need for tomorrow, as well as today.

A smoother user experience

By focusing on the add-ons and features you really require, we can simplify your CRM dashboards, too. There’s less clutter and far more attention paid to the data that will help you convert leads into sales. Leads, personas and touchpoints align to show which products to sell or conversations to continue, synchronizing applications perfectly with the systems your staff are already accustomed to.

Bring our full CRM services into play

With dozens of integrations, implementations and enhancements under our belt, Lanshore is highly specialized in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a wide range of industries. Our skills and solutions are always tailored to your business requirements — both now and in the decades ahead. Whether you’re looking to enhance sales, marketing or customer service modules, we’ll draw up a blueprint for adoption that stays within budget and scales with your activities.

Here’s what we offer:


Let’s build custom CRM applications from scratch that match the teams, roles and responsibilities you’re dealing with every day. Our close consultations reveal what’s possible with next-level development support.


Our CRM specialists will break down development, testing and deployment into manageable chunks by leveraging Waterfall or Agile Sprint methodologies. You’ll be able to phase in new features and automations and secure them while never becoming overwhelmed.

Health checks

Identifying strengths or weaknesses in your current systems helps us determine what’s suitable for CRM design. We can perform a full audit on your data tools, archives and sharing functionalities, allowing us to see which we should keep and improve or dispense with.

Training and support

Our work doesn’t end once we’ve established a worthwhile transformation. Lanshore offers onsite and remote training to bring your staff on board and eliminate bad habits from the old system. Additionally, we’ll give you a playbook to follow in case anyone runs into trouble.

Start slow and scale up with our proven strategies

From the beginning, we’ll endeavor to discover as much as we can about your customer relationships and how you manage them. This encompasses every critical facet of the nurturing lifecycle, laying the groundwork for CRM configurations that will benefit you the most.

We’ll also analyze the types of data you utilize, where they’re generated, how you store them and what hardware you rely on (phones, desktops, field devices, etc.). From there, we’ll consider the entire lists of materials, services or products to push through to a sale, such as quote-to-order and lead-to-opportunity objectives.

When we have all the right information, it’s time to find the most appropriate off-the-shelf features from your CRM arsenal, or we’ll begin planning for tailored development. We’re constantly securing every step of the transition so you remain 100% compliant.

The result? You’ll have a phased, assured CRM roadmap for the weeks or months ahead, allowing key stakeholders to get to grips with improvements from day one. Either by priority or necessity, we’ll ensure that migration is feasible — dealing with the most important changes first before moving onto the rest.

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