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RPA stands for robotic process automation. It’s technology with human-like capability, delivered with robot speed and accuracy. Robotic automation means processing unattended automation flows, requiring no human interaction. It can happen in the background, on an unmanned desktop.

RPA is a non-invasive approach. Unlike traditional IT system deployments, there’s no need to redesign data architecture or make changes to applications at a deep and disruptive level. The technology works with the systems you have. It replicates human operations, so you can apply it to embrace and connect existing processes, interfaces and software apps. It’s human-like activity (at the simplest level, replicating mouse clicks and keystrokes) deployed with robotic speed and precision.

At Lanshore we’ve been innovating and deploying RPA in forward-looking organizations since the technology emerged. Technology agnostic, we’ve kept pace with developments by all the leading vendors and have the skills and knowledge to select the best tools and apply them in the most effective ways to enhance your unique organization’s process-based performance.