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For large organizations, overpayment errors are costly – for some they run into sums that impact bottom-line profits. Effective Sales Performance Management (SPM) systems and processes help you get sales performance payments under control. Large and growing organizations simply can’t cope with the complexity of multi-scale remuneration across a substantial salesforce using spreadsheets and manual calculations. For the sake of your employees and your bottom line, you need to digitize and optimize to deliver accurate, timely payments and a clear audit trail.
From our earliest days, Lanshore has championed and nurtured deep domain expertise in SPM. We work with every leading vendor and have a strong track record of SPM consultancy, implementation and managed services for enterprise clients.
Using our long experience, commercial understanding, rigorous project management and unrivalled knowledge of SPM technology, we can initiate or optimize your SPM processes and systems to deliver accuracy, compliance and cost savings.