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Our methodology is smart, simple and above all, proven to be effective.

We look to identify your processes, technology and human capital. We take an inventory of these and look to reuse and refine existing tools and systems as much as possible – you’re likely to have some effective elements in place and may only need slight modifications.

We’re very conscious of minimizing cost to our customers: often you have already invested substantial amounts to put these systems in place and educate your people on how to use them. We don’t comein with the intention to replace everything – our approach is pragmatic and economical.

Next, we draw up pictures of your current state and your future state vision. This means we can identify gaps and pain points that exist between the two. With this clear shared view, we can move forward together to correct or implement new processes and technology as needed.

Methodology steps:

  • Empathize and understand
  • Catalog
  • Draw and agree
  • New product or technology introduction (NPI/NTI)
  • Acquire and implement
  • Test, train and transition (unit, system, user)
  • Change management
  • Run and govern

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