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High Tech Consulting Solutions for SPM

Bridging the gap between compensation and innovation.
The technology industry is marked by constant innovation, fierce competition and ever-evolving customer expectations. To thrive in this dynamic environment, technology companies need a solid sales performance management (SPM) strategy.

Where business change meets tech adaptation

Effective SPM isn’t only an essential business process, but a key competitive advantage. It empowers your sales team to meet their objectives, optimize operations and drive transformation across the organization.

However, SPM isn’t easy. As part of a rapidly moving industry, tech companies have no choice but to reinvent themselves on a regular basis. Frequent changes — whether it be transitioning to a subscription model or shifting business strategies — can drastically impact sales team behavior.

The problem? Many compensation systems are too rigid for rapid change. Moreover, they’re unable to scale across a growing organization. This inevitably leads to inaccurate forecasting, overpayment and poor enterprise performance.

Fortunately, that’s where Lanshore comes into play. We offer specialized SPM services that help technology businesses optimize operations, maximize revenue and boost customer satisfaction. With decades of experience in high tech consulting, we offer clients a chance to strategically drive sales behavior in a direction that fuels growth for years to come.

Why Lanshore is your ideal tech consultant

The technology industry isn’t a stranger to innovation — and neither are we. As a consulting firm, we’ve spent years helping high tech clients connect the dots between compensation and strategy.

Along the way, it’s become clear that no two tech companies are exactly the same. That’s why our team works closely with you to understand your unique business challenges and tailor our services to align with your goals and objectives.

Benefits of our high tech consulting services:

SPM expertise

Leverage our deep expertise and experience tackling complex variable compensation plans. Whether it be SPM, Total Pay or Incentive Compensation Management, we take the pain out of handling sales team operations.

Vendor agnostic

We work with all leading vendors and foster technical knowledge and understanding of the latest technology solutions. This allows us to confidently select the best combination of vendors and approaches for your specific business needs.

Hands-on project management:

We employ a rigorous project management framework to offer you continuous accountability every step of the way. Whether we’re implementing a new SPM system or optimizing your existing business process, our team is agile enough to adapt to your dynamic market conditions.

Responsive service

Our process is iterative, which means we listen to our clients and adjust our service according to your evolving needs and expectations.

Proven track record of success

At Lanshore, we pride ourselves on having helped large and growing organizations, nationally and globally, time and time again. Our experts lean on their depth of experience to inform decision-making, recommend solutions, anticipate problems and keep your SPM strategy on the right track.

Better customer experience

Worry less about sales team performance and compensation management — focus more on bringing an innovative product to market. We help simplify your processes so that you and your people can do what you do best.

Improved ROI

Reduce overhead costs, employee turnover and overpayments with an SPM process that simply works. We help you compensate people accurately, on time and with total confidence. Provide your teams with the insight and motivation they need to stay productive and positively impact your bottom line.

Our SPM services and solutions

Lanshore’s SPM services are tailored to address the unique challenges faced by the technology industry.
Our comprehensive solutions include:

Sales Strategy Development

We collaborate with you to create effective sales strategies based on industry trends, customer insights, and competitive analysis.

Sales Process Optimization

Our team evaluates and streamlines your sales processes, identifying areas of improvement to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Sales Incentive Design

We develop customized incentive plans that motivate your sales team to achieve their targets and drive revenue growth.

Sales Coaching and Training

We offer specialized training programs and coaching to improve your sales team’s skills and knowledge, enabling them to excel in the competitive technology landscape.

Sales Analytics and Reporting

We provide data-driven insights and comprehensive reports to help you monitor sales performance, identify trends and make informed decisions.

At Lanshore, we also offer clients the choice of taking our partnership one step further through SPM Managed Services. We shoulder the burden of system performance, implementation and more so that you can spend more time on product development and business growth.

A smarter approach to high tech consulting

Lanshore is more than a consultant — we’re a partner. We don’t simply make recommendations, replace technology and call it a day. Our team takes a step-by-step approach to get to the heart of system issues quickly and efficiently. We analyze your entire commissions infrastructure and identify opportunities to squeeze more value out of your system.
Our modular approach is designed to work with clients of all shapes and sizes, no matter the scope of their projects. We aim to do the following:

Understand your business process

Select the best tools for the job

Practice a proven, repeatable delivery

Ultimately, the goal is simple: Help your organization enhance performance and maximize revenue. How? Through efficient, scalable and responsive processes that directly impact your key business priorities.
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