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Process Optimization and Automation

Human behavior emulation

Manual processes, copying data between systems, re-keying and form-filling are huge drains on time and cost. Effective and connected processes improve people’s productivity and motivation and help you get more value from your workforce as well as directly enhancing ROI.

With our process optimization and automation expertise, we can help guide you through a review and improvement program relating to processes in any area of your organization.

The key to our approach is optimizing the processes before applying any automation. We focus on process discovery (or process mining) to identify three areas for improvement:

  • Repetitive tedious actions
  • Risk avoidance by error reduction
  • Employee satisfaction

Once the opportunities are clear, we can recommend different types of automation to replace and streamline processes. These include desktop assistance (attended bot) or full robotic process automation using personal assistant or process assistant bots.

Here are some examples of human behaviour emulation projects in practice.

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