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Cameron County adopts leading RPA technology thanks to Lanshore

Cameron County and Lanshore are delighted to be rolling out Robotic Process Automation to the County of Cameron and the constituents it serves.

Robotic Process Automation is an exciting and accessible technology that improves efficiency by taking over repetitive manual administration in existing systems, for example, re-keying data between systems and filling in standard forms. It’s secure, accurate and fast.

It’s also great value for local government, because it’s quick to implement and works with existing systems – there’s no need for a disruptive and time-consuming IT project that gets in the way of the County’s vital everyday activities to support constituents.

In Cameron County, Robotic Process Automation technology will free up staff to interact with constituents, because they’ll be spending less time on admin and processing tasks. It will support property records management, end of day reporting and record validation.

Sylvia Garza, Cameron County Clerk said “We believe in approaching new technologies that will assist our Cameron County residents and provide a better living and governing experience for them. Cameron County looks to be on the forefront of technology and implementing Robotic Process Automation in the county will accelerate our capabilities”.

Lanshore’s CEO Doug Erb said: “It’s always great to work with our local government as it gives us a real opportunity to help fellow citizens, supporting the delivery of services and information that make their lives better.”

About Lanshore

Lanshore is a forward-thinking organization that focuses on digital transformation for companies and
government alike. A trusted partner to State and Local government, Lanshore is the number one implementer of RPA and AI solutions to Counties across the USA. Visit lanshore.com to find out more.

About Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA stands for robotic process automation. It’s technology with human-like capability, delivered with robot speed and accuracy. Robotic automation means processing unattended automation flows, requiring no human interaction. It can happen in the background, on an unmanned desktop.

RPA is a non-invasive approach. Unlike traditional IT system deployments, there’s no need to redesign data architecture or make changes to applications at a deep and disruptive level. The technology works with the systems you have. It replicates human operations, so you can apply it to embrace and connect existing processes, interfaces and software apps. It’s human-like activity (at the simplest level, replicating mouse clicks and keystrokes) deployed with robotic speed and precision.

About the role of the Cameron County Clerk

The County Clerk’s role is to provide the primary client, the general public, and the courts with the most efficient handling of documents filed with the County Clerk ‘s office. Record and process documents in a timely, accurate and reliable manner.

Maximize the use of available technology in order to perform rapid and accurate document retrieval. Maintain excellent service and improve substations through technology upgrading. Blend well-trained professional clerks with the most cost effective technology. Professionalize the Commissioners Court clerk duties by upgrading software and on-line interfacing with Commissioners and other County departments.