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Meet the people who’ll make your RPA happen
Tech skills are just a small part of what they need to be effective

RPA jobs are big news for IT people, from high school leavers to senior level transformation specialists. CIO community The Enterprisers Project published an article this week that articulates the growth in RPA opportunities: on LinkedIn alone it found 2,158 open roles and several thousand more on job sites including Glassdoor and Indeed.

The explosion in the RPA marketplace means there are lucrative and exciting roles for ambitious and capable workers who want to develop and use the RPA deployment, programming and management skills that are so in demand.

The best RPA people are human-centred

The Enterprisers Projects’ feature is about preparing for RPA job interviews. And you might be surprised that being a technical whizzkid isn’t the top priority for high performers in this area. Far more important is the ability to connect technology potential with business needs. That means understanding processes and commercial problems, having good stakeholder management and communication skills and being attuned to organizational politics.

It’s no surprise to us at Lanshore. At our established RPA Center of Excellence (COE), we already know that tech skills are a commodity amongst our applicants. The people we hire are those capable of excellent technical work, sure, but in context of a strong understanding of both business requirements and human relationships at work.

Quality assurance through the COE

Hands-on experience of RPA projects is ideal – but in reality, there aren’t many seasoned experts in this relatively new field. That’s why we’ve invested in our COE ahead of the curve, growing our own people with a thorough understanding of RPA principles and practice, based on our evolving experience in more and bigger client RPA projects. We love their enthusiasm for being part of a new and exciting technology movement, and we love that we can develop them through first modelled and then real experience of clients’ needs and challenges. We’re fortunate to have senior RPA experts like X Y and Z to lead and train our fast-growing workforce.

Check back on LinkedIn or Glassdoor next week. How many more RPA jobs will be listed? We’d bet a lot. We’re really glad that we built our Lanshore COE early and have a great team of high caliber, relevantly skilled people already in place. We’re continually adding to our team in a controlled way, ensuring that all our RPA pros have the experience and judgement they need to meet our clients’ constantly expanding requirements.

If you’re interested in joining Lanshore’s sector-leading RPA team, we have opportunities in the USA, Costa Rica and the UK. Drop us a line: tell us why you’re more than just a programmer and what it is about RPA that excites you most.