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RPA Services – Everything You Need To Know

RPA, or robotic process automation, is an emerging technology practice designed to streamline business operations and reduce company costs. It can help automate simple processes, giving staff the ability to serve customers on more complicated tasks or complete higher-value work…

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The Best Processes To Automate Using RPA

While there are thousands of processes that could be automated using Robotic Process Automation, it’s hard to know which are the best. Of course, the best automation processes for one industry will be completely different for another. However, regardless of your industry or company size, there are some simple questions you can begin to ask yourself to determine which processes might benefit from automation the most.

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Customer Success And RPA

Given there are success stories that are amazing in RPA like the one Chet Chambers from UiPath discusses, where he automated over 500 processes before he left HP, it’s no secret that RPA should be in every company’s future. So let’s talk about how to achieve that success and more specifically how you can take the proper steps to achieve the efficiency that RPA provides.

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Onboarding RPA in your HR group

Now that it seems that everyone is shutting down again, and some day we will reopen, I thought it would be great to discuss this entire process and the benefit of automating this as an RPA event. Onboarding and Offboarding are two recent events that we have seen a substantial amount of RPA activity around.

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Do RPA practitioners eat their own food?

I was reading an article recently about how consultancies that implement RPA don’t even use it.  Of course I began to fall out of my chair, as it reminded me of the Zig Ziglar story about selling pots and pans.  How can you be any good at it if you don’t have a pair of pots or pans that you’re selling, if you don’t believe in your product?

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RPA quick fixes in a pandemic – Speed and accuracy are even more valuable in a crisis situation

Speed and accuracy are even more valuable in a crisis situation. Different organizations need different responses – fast. Is RPA one of the unsung heroes in the fight against Coronavirus?

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Latest market data: RPA uptake is big Gartner’s latest report tells us what we’re doing right

Here are the headlines from Gartner’s Market Share Analysis: Robotic Process Automation, Worldwide, 2018 (published June 2019.) The RPA software market grew 63.1% in 2018 to USD 846m It’s the fastest growing enterprise software sector RPA is growing along industry and functional lines Legacy systems integration is a key driver for RPA adoption Digital transformation…

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RPA is good for your health It’s official… for UK NHS employees at least

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is getting in on the RPA act. One of its leading hospital trusts has just launched a Centre of Excellence to promote use of RPA technology. Robot surgeons it is not. In fact the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Foundation NHS Trust has more prosaic but no less important goals…

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Don’t get starry-eyed about RPA We like Forbes’ practical, risk-aware approach

While we’re evangelical about the benefits RPA can bring, we’d be the first to counsel that it takes careful planning and an informed approach if you want to drive maximum value out of the technology. So we say bravo to Forbes’ Naveen Joshi, for his excellent and well balanced article Leverage RPA, But Plan For…

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RPA infographic: spot the difference!

Trying to explain RPA to co-workers or budget-holders? Here’s a simple example that should open their eyes to its transformative power for your business. The RPA bot chews 45 days out of this process – and the step by step comparison spells out exactly how.     Want more irrefutable evidence and concrete examples? Download…

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A big week for Intelligent Automation – Five Highlights from the IA Week Chicago Event

We had a blast this week on our stand at Intelligent Automation 2019 in Chicago, USA. The appetite for RPA and robotic operations is huge and we were busy from morning to night talking to customers and partners about how they could apply RPA to their critical business processes. There were some real lightbulb moments…

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RPA Skills

Meet the people who’ll make your RPA happen Tech skills are just a small part of what they need to be effective RPA jobs are big news for IT people, from high school leavers to senior level transformation specialists. CIO community The Enterprisers Project published an article this week that articulates the growth in RPA…

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