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About Us

Lanshore: Robotic Process Automation with a human-in-the-loop.  Experience the difference of quality and affordability

Lanshore is a Houston, Texas-based digital transformation company specializing in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Founded in 2012, we concentrate on RPA solutions for the finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics sectors. We service and have locations across North America, EMEA, and Central America, supported by our Robotic Operations Centre (ROC) in Costa Rica.

The ROC is our Costa Rica-based nearshore hub, staffed by a team of RPA experts who handle development, support, maintenance, and optimization of automation projects. This nearshore model underpins our commitment to delivering cost-effective, high-quality RPA solutions to our clients.


Nearshoring involves hiring professionals from neighboring countries, offering advantages such as shared time zones, cultural familiarity, and convenient travel for in-person interactions. This approach enhances communication and collaboration, fostering smoother project management and reduced cultural gaps.


While automation is pivotal, we value the human element in our team’s expertise. From business analysts to developers, our well-trained team ensures the success of automation projects. Our rigorous six-phase methodology guarantees the quality of our RPA solutions:


  1. Discovery: Identifying suitable automation candidates based on feasibility, complexity and benefits.

  2. Design: Crafting automation solutions tailored to use cases and requirements using UiPath tools.

  3. Development: Creating scalable, secure, and reliable automation scripts and workflows. While adhering to industry  best practices and standards, ensuring scalability, reliability, and security.

  4. Testing: Employing a range of testing techniques to ensure performance and integration.

  5. Deployment: Smoothly transitioning automation solutions to the production environment.

  6. Support: Ensuring ongoing performance, quality, and compliance.



Lanshore introduces the “Nerve Center,” a comprehensive offering tying our team, customers, and automation programs together. This suite includes:


  • RPA Health Check: A user-friendly, non-technical assessment providing immediate feedback on your RPA Program.
  • RPA Program Setup: A step-by-step guide for establishing your Robotic Operating Model.
  • Bots in Backlog: Centralized management for automation ideas, feasibility analysis, ROI estimation, and prioritization.
  • Bots in Build: A custom RPA project management platform guiding bot builds from ideation to implementation.
  • Bots in Business: RPA Performance Monitoring, Fleet Status & ROI Reporting integrated with UiPath’s Orchestrator and tools.

Lanshore’s commitment to blending technical innovation with human expertise positions us as a leading player in the RPA landscape, offering comprehensive solutions and support for streamlined digital transformations.