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SPM and Digital Transformation

We have seen commission systems for well over 20 years now, all with the promise of automation and miracles. In many cases, this requires some substantial effort, whether configuring the commission system or developing integrations that require high skill set levels, substantial time to test and are prone to bug fix issues for years to come.

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How are sales and commissions going for you this year?

In these unprecedented times, you are likely getting requests every minute from either management or finance. “We need these projections”, “we need to know our expenses”, “we need a miracle, can your system do that?”

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What does 5 days mean to you?

RPA and taking your net 30 collections to net 25, increasing your cash position in uncertain times.

If you are a doctor or have worked in health care, you are likely all too familiar with RCM, revenue cycle management.  It’s the painful but necessary process of claims processing, payment and revenue generation.

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Onboarding RPA in your HR group

Now that it seems that everyone is shutting down again, and some day we will reopen, I thought it would be great to discuss this entire process and the benefit of automating this as an RPA event. Onboarding and Offboarding are two recent events that we have seen a substantial amount of RPA activity around.

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Schools back in session?

I am a father of 3 boys of school age and make no mistake, I want them to go back to school and have in person instruction.  It’s not that I don’t love my children dearly, but I can see in their faces the longing for social interaction they just don’t get right now. Having said that, this article isn’t about the benefits of human interaction and how replete our society…

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Choosing an SPM Vendor

Before thinking about choosing an SPM product you should deeply understand your reasons for entering the market. Without a clear conception of your goals it will be difficult to assess the relative value of the solutions being offered. Remember, of course, that organizational questions of capability, maturity, governance cannot be ignored.

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My First Post Covid Trip

Ok everyone, I’m down near the island (South Padre) in my first post #covid, opening meetings with a few potential customers.  I had a post yesterday about going on a plane, and many people were interested in how the meetings turned out.  Here is a run down of how things went. Many of us have a pre flight preparation routine. I’m no different.  About 2 – 3 hours before…

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Do RPA practitioners eat their own food?

I was reading an article recently about how consultancies that implement RPA don’t even use it.  Of course I began to fall out of my chair, as it reminded me of the Zig Ziglar story about selling pots and pans.  How can you be any good at it if you don’t have a pair of pots or pans that you’re selling, if you don’t believe in your product?

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Microsoft buys Softomotive

Microsoft purchased Softomotive, an RPA vendor. When these types of consolidation happen it lends credibility to an industry. I’ve watched this happen in other industries before, like when Oracle bought big machines, when IBM bought Varicent, when SAP bought Callidus and the list goes on. These acquisitions all had their pro’s and cons. I can’t help but wonder what the result of this one will yield.

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RPA quick fixes in a pandemic – Speed and accuracy are even more valuable in a crisis situation

Speed and accuracy are even more valuable in a crisis situation. Different organizations need different responses – fast. Is RPA one of the unsung heroes in the fight against Coronavirus?

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Is salesforce turnover getting your business down? Our survey shows that technology could make it better

According to the Sales Management Association’s report, Salesperson Retention and Turnover, “Businesses retain just 71% of salespeople annually, on average.” You don’t need the HR Director to tell you the exact numbers: every business manager knows that attrition and high staff turnover eat into profits, slow down productivity and damage morale and company culture. So…

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Latest market data: RPA uptake is big Gartner’s latest report tells us what we’re doing right

Here are the headlines from Gartner’s Market Share Analysis: Robotic Process Automation, Worldwide, 2018 (published June 2019.) The RPA software market grew 63.1% in 2018 to USD 846m It’s the fastest growing enterprise software sector RPA is growing along industry and functional lines Legacy systems integration is a key driver for RPA adoption Digital transformation…

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