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Onboarding RPA in your HR group

Now that it seems that everyone is shutting down again, and some day we will reopen, I thought it would be great to discuss this entire process and the benefit of automating this as an RPA event. Onboarding and Offboarding are two recent events that we have seen a substantial amount of RPA activity around.

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Is salesforce turnover getting your business down? Our survey shows that technology could make it better

According to the Sales Management Association’s report, Salesperson Retention and Turnover, “Businesses retain just 71% of salespeople annually, on average.” You don’t need the HR Director to tell you the exact numbers: every business manager knows that attrition and high staff turnover eat into profits, slow down productivity and damage morale and company culture. So…

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HR is all about people But now they’re not afraid of machines on their teams

The discipline of HR is of course a very personal one. It’s about attracting, retaining and sustaining workforces to get the best from them. There’s a reason why more and more organizations are appointing People Directors rather than HR Directors. Very positively, the focus is more and more on understanding and serving individuals and groups…

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RPA in HR – Automation raises ethical questions for HR leaders

Automation raises ethical questions for HR leaders That’s exactly why they need to nurture their specialists We spotted a thought-provoking article in Personnel Today, the UK’s leading free-access HR website. It considers the implications of automation and AI on the workplace and highlights the possibility of undermining equality and gender pay principles when bias becomes…

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The Gender Pay Gap

IT systems are part of the gender pay gap problem with digital process optimization and automation, they can also be part of the solution. The gender pay gap is a news item that’s not going away.

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