Sales Performance Management
by Lanshore

We believe Automation can and will change our working lives for the better. We use appropriate (traditional, Intelligent, robotic or artificial intelligence based) automation to improve HR process and save our customers money.

Robotic Operations Center

The ROC is our center of excellence for managing, developing and continuously improving processes and steps so they’re ready for automation, assuring our customers of a safe and productive RPA journey. We refine your processes using
our best practice knowledge, then design and build custom bots for implementation.


Enhance your organization’s profits through efficiency and unleash outperformance from a motivated workforce. Deploy, optimize and connect HR systems, using automation and RPA. Free HR from repetitive admin and data processing and empower your employees with responsive, self-service HR solutions.


Reduce costs, overheads and disputes in the mission-critical disciplines of SPM,
Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) and Total Pay. Compensate your
people accurately and on time, empower them with tools and reporting while you cut admin and gain decision-making insight from your variable compensation processes.

What Our Customers Are Saying

RPA is a transformational technology that we all need to know about, it will change the future of business operations and activities in all sectors and disciplines.

In this paper we explain what RPA is, what it does and how it works to improve accuracy, efficiency and profit in a common commercial scenario.

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April 15th 2020

Business Continuity – What can we learn?

Join leading industry figure, Donald Kuk, Chief Transformation Officer, SVP Cognitive Automation, and Lanshore CEO, Doug Erb.
Creating a model for sustainable working
Ability to maintain operation under any possible circumstance
Maintenance of working conditions
How a new model based on RPA and Machine learning can enable these working conditions
Creating a workable continuity plan

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May 12th 2020

LATAM WEBINAR: RPA – The Scalability Challenge

For organizations that have ventured into the world of RPA with a small, process-by-process project, it’s time to think big. And that means zooming out to look at the full picture, to consider everything you might possibly automate and how it will work together.

A comprehensive RPA assessment is, of course, more time-consuming, complex and therefore more costly than a small-scale approach that harvests only the low-hanging fruit that’s clearly ripe for RPA. But in our experience, the overall cost and effort of an RPA project is less in the long term, if you begin with a clear vision of the operation-wide potential and impact.

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April 20th 2020
SPM Solutions – The Market, The Future, and AI
The past 18 months have seen some big changes in the SPM solution marketplace, as some of the key SPM providers have changed course. In addition, all solutions are competing to take on board the overall software trend for intelligent automation and AI.

Join us where we share both our experience and understanding of SPM and Automation to help make sense of the market trends and look at what the developments really mean.

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May 4th 2020 and May 7th 2020

The Future of Mobility – What Can We Expect?

Industry expert Malcolm Earp providing insight into future mobility. Malcolm has a successful international background in automotive of over 40 years and 25 years in disruptive technology in both future ownership and mobility, plus the technology which will drive change in the decades to come.

A must for organizations looking to adapt to changing market environments and who feel it’s time to think about the future and understand what it means to your industry in particular. Malcolm’s ideas and keynote will enable you to see 2021-2030 and beyond in a different light, enabling you to plan what skills you will need.

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