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Empowering businesses worldwide to achieve sustainable growth and maximize profitability through our comprehensive suite of innovative intelligent automation and SPM solutions, tailored to optimize revenue streams, streamline operations, and drive sales performance
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Lanshore – Latin American Nearshore. Your solution for cost effective, quality resources, and matching North American hours.

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In providing consultation, implementation, and managed services for SPM and innovative Intelligent Automation. With our deep understanding of the evolving landscape of sales performance management (SPM) and Intelligent Automation, we are dedicated to helping businesses harness the full potential of these technologies to drive growth and efficiency. Our consultative approach ensures that we tailor solutions to meet the unique needs and objectives of each client, guiding them through every step of the implementation process with precision and expertise. From initial assessment to ongoing support, our team is committed to delivering measurable results and empowering organizations to optimize their sales processes and gain valuable insights from their data. Whether you’re seeking to streamline your sales operations, improve incentive compensation management, or enhance your business intelligence capabilities, Lanshore is your trusted partner for achieving success in the digital age.

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The Lanshore Team was instrumental in Whip Media’s quick start along the path of automated data processing utilizing UPIpath. In short order, Lanshore provided a complete project plan, pulled together an extremely skilled and accessible team, and orchestrated a clear and comprehensive training curriculum to set our team up for success despite a very aggressive schedule
– Patrick Killkelly
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These guys are smart.“ “They know their stuff, they hit the ground running, they know where to look and immediately identify potential problems.
Marilyn Torres – Syniverse
L&L Oilfield revolutionized its invoicing process by implementing UiPath Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology, addressing the challenges posed by its manual, labor-intensive system. Previously, the process required meticulous manual entry to generate and invoice work tickets in their internal system of record, followed by creating corresponding entries in the OpenInvoice system for customer billing, a task that consumed significant time and was prone to errors due to the older nature of their applications and the absence of an API for direct integration. By automating this workflow, L&L Oilfield dramatically improved efficiency, accuracy, and speed, cutting down the time required for invoicing from several hours to mere minutes per ticket. This not only enhanced operational efficiency but also enabled scalability by freeing up resources to handle increased volume, laying the foundation for future growth and customer satisfaction.

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