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Advancing Intelligence

We’re a forward thinking digital process consultancy, implementor and outsourcer, with domain expertise in Sales Performance Management and Robotic Process Automation.

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What our customers are saying

“Lanshore led our Total Pay transformation project, required to merge several businesses. Their strong programme management and deep skill levels were key to the project’s success.”

Head of Commissions, UK Bank

Our Methodology

We have a proven and structured methodology to assess your current state.

Unlike some competitors, we don’t set out to change your systems, change your processes and charge you unnecessarily. We use our methodology to understand how you arrived at this point, to map out where you want to go and to plan the most efficient way to get there.

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Why Lanshore

We’re a forward thinking digital process consultancy, implementor and outsourcer, with domain expertise in sales planning, forecasting, incentive compensation, total pay and back office administration.

Our strength is in our deep knowledge of a broad range of technologies – from traditional automation products to robotic process automation, human behavior emulation and machine learning.

Why Lanshore

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December 6th, Webinar

3 steps to swapping your SPM vendor to save money and improve flexibility

As an independent consultancy focusing on sales compensation, we know the entire market. We can help you move from your existing SPM provider to a more flexible and cost-effective solution.

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January 18th, Webinar

Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Incentivising Service & Operations Teams

Gaining competitive advantage through the intelligent allocation of incentives in service and operational teams

Customer service and field service teams form substantial and growing segments of many companies employee mix. More and more they are providing critical elements of business service.

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Why You Should Work With a Vendor Agnostic Intelligence Company

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Embrace Automation For Your Company with Automation Incentives

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Everything You Need to Know About: No-Code Automation

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