Why your people won’t use your CRM

Why your people won’t use your CRM

Today I would like to talk about why people fail to use their CRMs. First of all, it is a known fact that internal CRMs are viewed as a Big Brother of sorts, they are perceived as a way for upper management to keep an eye on everyone within the sales department. More often than not, this upsets people; they will either rebel or exaggerate and overcast their opportunities, their deals’ closing dates, numbers etc. After all, most of them want to look good because Big Brother is watching.

 Often the reason is simply that they do not understand its functionality. I see this a lot, A LOT.  Maybe your reps don’t know how it works. Unless you have an admin in staff, you will find yourself spending a lot of time answering questions, especially during onboarding cycles.  Some CRMs out there are simpler, more lightweight, but if you are talking about SFDC, the level of complexity increases and, alas, the learning curve becomes steeper for some of your sales people.

 A lot of old-school reps are used to doing things their way, and might see their CRM tasks as forced upon them. They are used to flying solo, closing the deals and generating the revenue, but not being “micromanaged”. In their heads they look at their ways as effective, so why change? You need to explain the value of a well-run CRM, why it is important to them and how it can translate into more money in their pockets and maybe then they will find the motivation to be onboard.

 Perhaps the answer is in the process. Possibly in an attempt to make it run better, you overcomplicated it. There are tools out there that can help with the automation process, from notifying your reps of significant and relevant changes, to a self-managed learning platform for your CRM.

At the end of the day, you need your CRM to be a dynamic tool that helps all departments and serves a real purpose. To achieve this you need your people to be fully engaged.

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  • Posted by Lanshore
  • On April 15, 2016

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