Utilizing Nearshore services for reporting specific to off-the-shelf applications.

Utilizing Nearshore services for reporting specific to off-the-shelf applications.


When you look at off the shelf applications, you will often find that they will come with their own set of reporting tools and data specific structures. Some of the most popular tools available are business objects, Micro Strategy, Actuate (old school) and others.

Since reporting typically trails configuration of these applications, you realize that the requirements and development trail other phases of projects. When determining staffing and approach for building these reports, it is frequently advantageous to send this part of project development to Nearshore organizations in order to receive cost savings. The biggest problem people see out of reporting is a slip or miss on requirements.

By Nearshoring, you can cost mitigate and reduce errors due to proximity of time location. Gone are the days of someone looking at the ticket overnight only to have that ticket not correct that day and have to burn hours waiting for the development team to get up. Also, Nearshore locations can be visited within the same day via flight. This allows for project teams to have face-to-face collaboration on these topics.

Lastly, many of these resources have a high familiarity with the reporting systems and translation of this information. By having the same time zone to work with their counterparts who are determining key criteria, like company KPI’s, Nearshore resources can quickly have mock-ups and design review sessions at normal working hours.

  • Posted by Lanshore
  • On November 22, 2014