The Royal Wedding – Forming Part of Many Strategies

The Royal Wedding – Forming Part of Many Strategies

The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle took place on May 19th, 2018 4:00 am PST and 29.2 million Americans were awake to watch the ceremony. The Royal Family is constantly watched for their public and private affairs, and this event was no exception.

Every detail of the day and ceremony was thoroughly planned by the Royal Family and their aides. But, that was just a small amount of the planning effort that happened, television networks all over the world had to adapt for this event. The thousands of companies who use TV advertisement as part of their marketing strategy would have also prepared. Advertising slots would have been premium price, with such a large audience expected; companies would have had to analyse and justify the potential ROI of spending the money. Although those of us watching may not have noticed the adverts, they are proven to be extremely effective

In fact, Television is seen as the most influential type of advertisement. In a survey conducted in December 2017 by Kristen Herhold, 90% of Americans are influenced by advertisements and of that number 60% are influenced by television ads alone. This is extremely beneficial for companies using television as a source of their marketing tactics even on a regular basis. On a day like May 19th, the Royal Wedding brought a dramatic increase to the number of views on different TV networks around the world.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle Royal wedding

The marketing departments in most Companies spend a lot of time and effort planning who they are targeting and find the best way to gain their attention. The use of TV advertisements is beneficial in such a situation because of their reach, but even on non Royal Wedding days, this reach comes at a high cost.

For many companies TV ads could be considered not financially feasible or useful to reach their particular target market. Why would your company spend money to advertise at that time when you know the consumer audience would not be appropriate for the sale of your product? In this case an online presence could be a better way to increase sales and reach the consumers they are targeting. Being aware of the level and range of the future clients a business is trying to influence is an important factor for marketing strategies. Knowing your audience plays a significant role in the decision of what medium to advertise on.

An online advertisement may not receive the same attention as ads during Royal Wedding, but there is no question of the benefits to the company and the sale of their respective products. In Herhold’s Study previously referenced, it states that 43% of consumer individuals are influenced to purchase products through online sources. This is lower than ads on television networks, but clearly still has a positive outcome from the medium that is used.

The goal of advertising is to increase awareness of the brand and product all whilst gaining client base. A company’s job is to have their marketing campaigns focused on what can affect sales in a positive way. This could be using ads during the Royal Wedding as a boost to find new clients or a simple blog post that brings attention to their business’ website. Gearing an advertisement towards correct consumer audiences will maximize the benefit for the company.

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