The Hot Lead

The Hot Lead

Often you hear about lead response time.  This refers to the time it takes for a new lead, be it web or some other mdollar183ethod, to get a call about whatever you can sell to them.  The conventional rule of thumb is you need to follow up while the coals are hot, and that is in the next 5 minutes.

Does that sound creepy, maybe a little stalker-like to you?  Well, think about when you want to buy something.  In our world of attention deficit we have moved onto the next product within seconds.  The other day I sat and looked at a vacuum, should I buy Dyson?  Wait, I have a smart phone, let’s look up the best vacuums. ..  As my smartphone pops up with its Chrome browser, I see bleacher report… Hmmm, I didn’t’ realize it was March Madness already, wonder who is playing today?  Why did I come to the store? oh, that’s right, to get prescriptions filled.  Oh, vacuum, it can wait!

This illustrates the fact, that I do indeed need a new vacuum, but can live with the old one.  Had someone been there on the spot with me, called me, etc.  I would have most likely bought a vacuum, and most likely theirs.  How does this translate to the B2B world?  Well, within B2B the process to purchase is often slower, but the opinion can be made and process can get set early.

If you can get your customer to avoid an RFP or bid out to general public, you have effectively won.  The best way to do this is to get in first.  The best way to get in first, is to be the first to follow up on your leads.  This gives you an upper hand in so many ways, from knowing the customer ahead of time and building credibility to guiding their own process.

So as most would tell you, always follow up as quickly as possible with potential leads.  The minute we get a lead here at Lanshore, in general, we try to get a call within 4 minutes to that lead.  The reason for the delay of course is to investigate who you are calling.  So when you get your next hot lead, make sure to treat it as your first priority.

  • Posted by Lanshore
  • On March 30, 2015