The 1st Adopt-A-Bot Happy Hour

Sponsored by UI Path and Lanshore Consulting


Come and join our team at Lanshore for a few cocktails, beers and nibbles. We’d love to get to know you and understand how we can help you.

There will be no long speeches or presentations. Just a brief thank you from Lanshore and UI Path for coming out.

Top 5 Reasons to Come:

⦁ I am a UI Path sales person and need free help on a deal.
⦁ Network with has resources available to help with a POC
⦁ Get help from a group of people that much know a lot of people.
⦁ Find out about Lanshore’s Robotics Operation Center in Costa Rica… do you need help arranging for a client/prospect trip
⦁ If you are a UI Path prospect or customer, see how the UI Path and Lanshore teams work well together

Date: Wednesday, August,21st
Venue: Austin

So we can manage numbers we would very much appreciate registration to this event by entering a couple of details below. We will then be ready to greet you- more importantly we can get the right number of drinks on ice..

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