Summer Sales

Summer Sales

Image result for summer icon It’s time for this business owner to break out the pen and paper and start writing. 

The summer is upon us and unless you’re in the travel industry, your sales have probably slowed down a bit. That deal you were going to close in Q2 just pushed because the prime contact decided to go on his family vacation and clearly doesn’t understand the importance of you hitting your numbers.

All too often you’ll see companies tie incentives to Q2 closing too.  What a foolish thing to do! What happens is they don’t close it anyway and expect the same deal come September when they finally sign.

So, what should you do with your summer?  As I write this and prepare for my summer vacation, clearly you might want to join them in the fiesta.  Take a little time off to re-charge the batteries.  I know a boat load of companies that furlough at this time anyway.

You could be an over achiever and look at your marketing plan, work with your delivery or production group, or educate the sales organization.  In general, I think the marketing plan and working with the people who produce/deliver is more beneficial.  You get hands on education and get to understand how to better estimate and empathize with your client.

You can also take a look at the projections and marketing plan to see how far off you are.  Let’s be really, nobody has a crystal ball so you are either doing well or not so good.  Take this time to reorganize and re set your expectations.  Just today I worked with my team on our 6-month marketing goal and projections.

Last thing you might want to do is take the boss out.  They may be more accessible now than they usually are.  Of course, they are probably stressed out, given the downturn in activity.  I would recommend a cocktail if that is the case, followed by some light-hearted recommendations and a request for a raise.  Always try to understand what leadership is looking for, but do it in such a way you don’t look like a suck up.  On second thought, don’t ask for the raise.

Happy Summer!



  • Posted by Lanshore
  • On June 21, 2017

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