Sales Performance Management system selection – The Scorecard

Sales Performance Management system selection – The Scorecard

Usually you will develop your Sales Performance Management system scorecard off questions you submit in your RFI and RFP, if you chose to go that route. There will be some more in depth questions and examples that you will have that might have not been included in the RFI/RFP documents and they will have a heavy weighting to them, based on the intricacy of those questions.

One question on every scorecard or RFP is price. Everyone always tells me that price doesn’t matter. I’m telling you (and every vendor knows it) price is probably always ranked in the top two. Other typical scorecard material is company size and stability, global presence, leadership vision, etc. We’ve all seen several companies come and go, whether it is bankruptcy, or more likely, a buyout from a larger company.

It’s important to know what could happen to your Sales Performance Management vendor, since acquisitions always have their affect. When creating the scorecard there is a weighting of the questions and responses, but there are usually three questions that are of the most importance.

The first one is the price of the software. The second is financials of the vendor organization (audited for 3 years of course). Last is something about how do you service/reference people who are like us (name the industry). While I say these are usually weighted the most importantly, these questions really don’t drive into the difference of the vendors. If we look at the traditional Sales Performance Management scorecard, these questions are always there an a canned answer should be expected.

However, these are some questions are not so canned and should be very helpful regardless of software:

Why did your last customer leave you? This one is always interesting. It might be something as simple as taking the software in house, or they were in a cost reduction mode. More closely to the truth could be that the customer was unhappy, the price increased, promises were broken, etc.

Based on our handover expectations, what customer was most successful and how did they implement the change management strategy? This would be a great group to have a reference call further down the line to see how you may want to model your sales performance management implementation or to see if they can even come up with something.

What are the top 2 customized options when people use your software? This should give you an idea about what are their key features and where the software is lacking. Generally most software is customized in some way to fit your business needs. This might be in the way of doing some nontraditional configuration or straight up code. The key here is for your organization to be careful with this as it can run up costs and cause pain when doing upgrades. Here is a peak at what a sales performance management scorecard may look like.

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  • On April 13, 2015
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