January 28th, Webinar

Lanshore and Advantage Solutions present; Acres of Diamonds – Learning to See the Opportunities Hidden in Plain Sight

In this webinar, we will discuss the critical first step of any successful digital transformation project – how to identify the true value in its raw and unrefined form.

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February 8th, Webinar

2021 Starts With The Lanshore Challenge

Join us for an informative webinar in which we will show you the features and functionality of various commission systems and let you guess which is which. We include the ‘main players’ and also a couple of surprise runners.

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March 3rd, Webinar

From Snowball to Avalanche – How Small Improvements Build Momentum in an Enterprise

Once you have an initial list of activities to be improved in your operations, you have to decide what comes first. However, without an enterprise-wide view and the end in mind, you will leave money on the table.

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