Platforms for All Sizes

Platforms for All Sizes

In today’s progressively intricate energy trading market, businesses need sophisticated, functional capabilities to solve daily value, credit, regulatory and operational risks. Furthermore, these trading platforms must be flexible enough to adapt and respond to new challenges and opportunities that might arise.

While most energy trading software focuses on catering to larger companies, smaller companies need several of the large-scale services they provide, such as multipart accounting, operational services; a platform that allows traders who buy or sell wholesale energy to track the trades they make and analyze

Trading platforms are required to perform in many different levels, from measuring risk in real time, access information from different derivatives while organizing your portfolio, capture, reporting, rule-making for positions, etc.  From small trading desks up through the world’s largest multi-energy trading companies, the industry demands the same standard for all: efficiency and real time productivity.

In the past, trading business only had two options: spreadsheets or big-budget custom software development programs.  Today vendors across the industry are broadening their spectrum and offering platforms for small or mid-market trading companies.

With our significant industry knowledge, we’re able to help develop and implement robust business processes and integrated, scalable IT systems that allow you to maximize the value of your company’s unique portfolio, skills and market position.

Lanshore will help you find the right size energy trading platform for your business. With our experienced Consultants and industry knowledge, we will find the right platform for your company, one that will allow you to maximize the value of your portfolio.  Spreadsheets are a thing of the past

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  • On April 7, 2014
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