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Successful businesses are always evolving. When major change happens fast, core systems and infrastructure can stop working effectively. If your organization is going through a merger, acquisition or corporate streamlining initiative, you’ll needc to make sure your SPM  and TP systems are fit for the transition and the future.

Our customers also look to use our domain and technical experience to help identify issues and solve associated underlying problems in their environment. In order to do this, we complete a current state analysis to determine the root architectural cause for issues related to the commissions and/or total pay process. Once we have completed a current state assessment and defined the current status, we focus on understanding future requirements, doing both a functional gap analysis and software use analysis in order to create a desired state architectural plan.

This includes analysis to assess if existing software should be removed or left in place and re-architected. Being technology agnostic we only have the best performance as a focus.

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Application Health Checks

Our health check services are based on deep knowledge of a range of technologies and solutions. We use our commercial and analytical rigour to check whether your solution matches your current business and market need.

Because we’re vendor agnostic, we take a truly independent view.

When you deployed your SPM or Total Pay solution, the chances are that the environment was different. Technology moves on fast. Your business and workforce have grown. Your approach to sales and compensation has evolved. Engagements and teams have become more flexible and sophisticated.

It’s not surprising that your TP or SPM application has become less effective. Even if it was a perfect fit to start with, your commercial world has changed. If there were aspects that didn’t quite meet your needs a couple of years ago, they are almost certainly causing a bigger problem now.

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