Half of Figure Skating is Opinion, convincing judges

Half of Figure Skating is Opinion, convincing judges

“Half of Figure Skating is Opinion, convincing judges.” –  Scotty Hamilton Olympic Gold Medalist.



Okay, so you may say what does that have to do with Sales? But this quote could be applied to the sales process.   Their reality is that if you are working on a Sales Prospect, you can do a ton of work preparing for your client meeting, preparing for a demonstration of your product, lining everything up for your meeting, but when it comes right down to it, you are being judged by your potential clients.

In some cases, you could do almost everything better, your product could be better, your price could be better, your service could better, even your demonstration could be better, but still the judge from another country may give a slightly better score to the competitor from their home country.

Sometimes just being better at all the items on the required elements is not enough.  You have to go the extra mile to convince the client that you and your organization is the BEST.   How do you do that you might ask?  Just like the figure skater is told to always be smiling and make eye contact with the judges, the sales person has to go the extra mile to connect with client who is ultimately his judge.

Paying attention to the interests of client, perhaps calling them out by name during a demonstration or presentation.   When everything else in the competition is close, these are some of the things that might put your offering over the top and help you to win gold.


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  • On October 12, 2016

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