New in a Nearshore team? What to expect during your first days!

New in a Nearshore team? What to expect during your first days!

Most of the people that are starting a job in a Nearshore team don’t know what to expect or how to behave in a company that uses this kind of strategies to supply services to their customers.  In this kind of companies you will work with people with different skills like financial and accounting, call center, marketing and sales, software development and more, depending on the services provided so you could learn of many topics.

What to expect?

During your first days you will receive what these companies call Onboarding. During this time you will receive presentations from people that work in different departments within the company. They will let you know their working experiences, how they have grown in the company and the advantages that you can get by working there. You will also be informed of the policies and procedures that you need to comply while you work there. You could watch videos about the company and what it is done there.

Your boss will be introduced to you and he/she will provide you with the tools needed to perform your work in the best way. For instance, you will receive your credentials for the system, your headphones, notebooks, chairs, desks, etc. depending on the tasks that you will be assigned to.

You will also receive trainings about the system and how to do your daily duties.

What can you offer to your team or the company?

Being new in a team is a very good opportunity to see and analyze what the company is doing from an “outside” point of view. Based on that, you can provide solutions and improvement opportunities to the processes that are currently established. This will help you gain self-confidence and more exposure, which also could give you the points needed to grow faster.

If you want to succeed within a company I’d like to suggest practicing what is called Networking. This is that you need to try to meet coworkers from different departments in order to know the company from several points of views and also get more exposure.  This will definitely help you in your career path.

  • Posted by Doug Erb
  • On February 16, 2015