About Us

Lanshore is a software technology provider focusing on Sales Performance Management and analytics software that allow companies to not only pay their organizations but truly determine the value and direction of their sales operations to their corporate strategy. By leveraging leading commission system software along with new disruptive techniques in data modeling, forecasting and analysis, Lanshore is truly on the forefront of sales technology.

With the ability to resell leading commissions technology, Lanshore has created a data model that also leverages cognitive learning teamed with bot programing to drive your data models and data cleansing. We don’t just aspire to show you how you pay, but accurately show you how your sales model is supported by the organization holistic set of information. This allows companies to forecast far more accurately their expected cost of sales, revenue, and alignment to overall corporate direction.

Our Team

Doug Erb

Revolutionary, Architect, FutureVision, Father

I help companies grow revenues and enhance their salesforce experience while reducing overall cost of sales.  By utilizing my 20 years of experience in the sales performance management industry, coupled with a thirst for learning, I have helped many companies move to best in class operations.

During my career I’ve been an entrepreneur, investor, CEO, VP Sales, programmer, Mattress Salesman. I’m honored to help clients now as the CEO of Lanshore, a budding organization with operations in the Europe and the Americas.

I’ve built several high growth organizations, and worked with companies to enhance and build divisions of their own companies.  Whether it is designing process, architecting systems, or rolling up the sleeves to build the software itself, I like to take a very hands on approach to management.

Strategy for sales performance management may be magical. But it isn’t magic. I’ve developed a formula for Scalable Sales, systems and organizations to ensure repeatable, reliable, and rising revenues while reducing expenses and creating an overall incredible experience for sales organizations – Adapt, Innovate, Plan, Build & Execute…  Rinse, wash, repeat.

Mariel Lozano

Pura Vida! Sports enthusiast, animal lover and soccer mom.

Having worked with organizations in gaming, call center and SPM, I have personally been responsible for starting and expanding operations in multiple countries and multiple languages. Now on my second startup with Doug, I am responsible for growing our operations and support for multi region capabilities.

As an avid traveler you can find me going between our operations and customers. At any given time, I may be in London, Buenos Aires, Houston, Mexico City, Madrid and others. Part of the charter is ensuring the teams are working effectively across our entire operation, giving sales direction, and working with our teams holistically to roll out our new technical innovations.

I also like to get my hands dirty in the technology and challenge all comers to try and stump me on object oriented technology.

Mark Warne

After several failed attempts to make the NHL I decided to try my mettle at Consulting.

I received my PMP and am a CPA (in Canada, but it still counts), this means I am often the life of the party. On my second startup and having built companies that provide sourcing both onshore and offshore, I have partnered with Doug, Mariel and Elizabeth to provide insight into oversees operations.

As Lanshore is expanding its global footprint, I am part of the team that evaluates in country opportunities and determines cost analysis.

Along with this, I lead up our large company project group, and transformational services. My technology footprint spans both SPM and Accounting/ETRM software. In my spare time I quite enjoy discussing molecular structure as it applies to gas transportation (Methane Rocks).

If you every want to hit the ice, I’m always open for rink time.

Elizabeth Dennett

I’m Elizabeth, a working mother of 2 girls.

As a time served veteran of big blue(IBM) and CA technologies, I have taken many of the foundational principles learned from those groups and incorporated it into the fabric of the organizations I participate in.  Having launched new technologies in IBM, specifically the SPM initiative, I have been part of modeling startup practices for established companies.

Recently I have worked with Doug Erb to create high growth organizations in the Sales Performance Management space.  I’ve been charted with creating the organizational footprint in Europe as acting director for the region.  Further, my charter and experience with growing partner channels has propelled the growth of Lanshore and our offerings.

I play an active role in the global operation of Lanshore from my home town of York – and am always pleased to welcome visitors to the city !

Regions We Service

United States

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