What is your CRM to you?

What is your CRM to you?

It’s Friday 2:30 p.m. and the phone is in your hands:  What’s her phone number? Her birthday? Coffee or tea? Patriots or Broncos? They seem like a typical teenager’s questions on his first date, but they could also be important snippets of information to have handy when calling the CEO of your best client.

This is where your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) comes into action.

The CRM keeps your entire customer information accessible whenever you need it. It should be your most valuable asset and it is certainly the axis to create customer loyalty.

Do you know what’s in your CRM? Are your users getting the most out of it? Do you invest enough time to provide accurate maintenance? A “No” to any of these questions could hurt your business profitability. Have you thought about that?

It has often been said that poor Data Quality is by far the greatest challenge to a CRM system, often caused by sloppy input, lack of training or simply “the lazy person”. I can’t imagine there are many, if any, CRM administrators who don’t have to fight the same battles every year figuring on how to clean that mess to run/invent The final1_final2_finalx report? Can you?

Data cleansing has become an essential process inside CRMs, helping to avoid having to spend a fortune putting right the results of poor decisions which were based on incorrect data. There are solutions which will warn of and help to fix dangerous data!

The next time you pick up the phone to talk to your best client or to invite your neighbour to dinner, wait a second before dialling and think ”Is my CRM up-to-date or am I about to do irreparable damage to an excellent relationship?”

Many people will appreciate it, I do!

  • Posted by Lanshore
  • On February 22, 2016

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