The lazy salesperson and the overachiever Part I

The lazy salesperson and the overachiever Part I

The administrators of systems that require data entry by sales people loathe the overachiever. We all know this person, they blow their quota out of the water, go to countless club trips, and make a wad of money that would make Al Capone turn over in his grave. Yes, this person gets praise heaped upon them by many individuals with the exception of one.

You, the person who has to clean up their mess, because while they are great at closing (and have the coffee to show it), they are terrible at entering anything they did. This leaves us with the unenviable task of fixing their mistakes and dreaming up ways to make it easier to get the information from their over inflated heads.

Let’s first start at looking how we fix the data quality problems.

Everyone has a CRM, whether it be, SalesNexus, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. This is where the problems begin. I can tell you as a sales person and as a manager that a half hearted effort is given by any salesperson worth their salt to putting information in there. Why you say? Because we are too busy selling, establishing contact and following up…signing contracts. As silly as it seems, the amount of effort put into filling in the electronic blue sheet, can be daunting.

Have you ever seen someone get excited about doing an expense report, it’s the same thing. The critical difference here is the mechanism by which you can ensure that the salespeople are following up, using a process that works for all the support groups. Really it is on the organization in this case, to convince the person it is in their best interest to input the information.

Many groups will withhold pay, if it’s not in the CRM it didn’t happen. While this can work, it also helps to make the CRM more intuitive. Use language that is commonly used in your company and cater it logically to the sales process the group follows. This brings us to workflow.

Workflow is there to systematically guide us to data entry. It allows us to effectively communicate the information needed and the way to obtain it in an easy stepped process. Often we see this simply as a way to communicate a sales plan or disputes. If there is information missing, workflow can quickly go back to the salesperson to ask for assistance in exactly what it was they meant in the system.

This is a good alternative, rather than stalling the transaction due to lack of information. The nice thing about workflow is you can setup a system of rules that can force action or entry based on what the individual does.

Guided selling systems like CPQ can have a tremendous affect on the quality of data. One of the biggest problems that companies have are returns. This guided selling can help limit the returns by customers by allowing them to correctly mix and match products or services.

Countless admins that can clean up the mess. These people truly loathe the salesperson, even though they wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for them.

  • Posted by Lanshore
  • On November 2, 2015
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