History Never Repeats…. Or does it?

Mark Twain is quoted as saying that “History never repeats but it often rhymes”.   Whether history repeats or it rhymes, it is historical data that is causing many energy trading organizations to take a look at Predictive Analytics. So, what exactly is Predictive Analytics and why do we care about it when we think about […]

Where have all the ETRM experts gone…?

With large projects in the US ramping up, and many of the Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) vendors continuing to have brisk sales in the first half of 2015, it begs the question: where have all the true ETRM experts gone? By ETRM experts I don’t mean the “Johnny come lately” types who entered […]

Why choose a hosted solution?

The landscape for solutions in the Energy and energy trading space has changed; it only takes a glance at the advantages that hosted solutions offer to understand why.  Whether you are a newcomer to the industry or have been around for a while, you are most likely always looking for ways to simplify your process […]

Platforms for All Sizes

In today’s progressively intricate energy trading market, businesses need sophisticated, functional capabilities to solve daily value, credit, regulatory and operational risks. Furthermore, these trading platforms must be flexible enough to adapt and respond to new challenges and opportunities that might arise. While most energy trading software focuses on catering to larger companies, smaller companies need […]

Selecting an ETRM Solution for your Business

Evaluating a new system for your ETRM needs can be an overwhelming process with a never-ending list of requirements. Most ETRM firms benefit from an implementation that provides practical solutions for valuation, position reporting, logistics and scheduling and accounting. Regardless of the company’s specific needs, any system should consistently address both user and business needs.