Rightsizing your Marketing outreach

Rightsizing your Marketing outreach

Ok, so you have rightsized your organization for the sales growth you would like. What’s next? Now we should talk about rightsizing your marketing outreach.  Most people seem to think that they will make one call and customers will fall on them; anyone that has taken a shot at this knows that this is clearly not the case.

The method that we use at Lanshore and the one I run by is the rule of 8. This means you need to have 8 touch points before a customer will buy, in some cases even talk to you.  If you are reading this you might think it seems like an awful lot of contacts and might wonder if there is a best way to accelerate these touch points in a noninvasive manner.  The best way today to handle this is a multipronged social media and outreach campaign.

While leveraging critical topics for your customer, you should figure out how to educate them on things that matter to them, without the hindrance of trying to sell them.  By doing this the touch points are no longer viewed as intrusive, but actually something that can provide value and that is worth their time during the early stages of prospecting.  Many do this in the form of blogs, white papers or webinars.  Be careful with webinars as they can be too sales centered sometimes and repel potential clients in a heartbeat.

So what’s the process?  I look at any event campaign in the form of a 5 week of process, this is the minimum amount of time you will need to make it successful.  This means identifying the content 5 weeks prior and having a call and campaign outreach schedule that rolls through the rest of the time.  With some larger items, like a conference, you may need an 8 week program.

So how does this affect planning?  You will need to budget to support the outreach, the campaigns and the conferences. Regardless of your line of business, you will want to produce one event per month, again, something that your potential clients will view as educational or beneficial for them.

By accomplishing this, effectively you have created nearly your entire lead generation budget for the year.  The next thing you will need to do is add it all together to give you the entire budget and process.  This means, taking the rightsizing math we talked about in the first blog, the social outreach and lead generation process and depending on your business type, travel to client locations and generating a healthy pipeline for your company.

  • Posted by Lanshore
  • On March 23, 2015