Random acts of kindness

Random acts of kindness

We are at that time of year when we reflect on the past year and think about the future.   For businesses that means planning and change.  For people, it might mean some of the same.  That is not what this blog is about.  I wanted to single out some of the nicest acts of kindness that I have witnessed or read about and how it can have an effect on not just the people who received them, but on the overall community.

The first act of kindness was from a person I knew.  This person doesn’t make a lot of money and doesn’t have a lot of things.  This particular year we would walk by a place, a place for orphaned children.  I walked by never once thinking about it, you would see the kids, but not really process the situation in the day to day work life.  I suspect there are several people who did that…but not this person.  This person would stop by and teach these children, in this case, how to speak English.

See these children weren’t the underprivileged children of America, I happened to be in a foreign country, with a person from that country.  Learning English for these children means a real job with real chances.  So every week this person spent their time working and teaching.  Then towards the end of the year, we got to talking about the holidays and what we were doing, getting, etc.  It’s at this time I found out that not only did this person donate their time, but at Christmas that year, they donated one month of their salary.

I was astonished.  A single parent, living in an apartment, making half of what we would consider living wages, just donated that much.  It warmed my heart, and undeniably brought happiness to those children that year.

The second act is from people that I don’t know, but I found amazing anyway.  The first I had heard was a girl, Megan Vogel, who had helped her competitor in a race cross the finish line.  I recently read about two young boys in Houston helping a third cross the line in a triathlon.  These two boys were aged 8 and 9.  I really can’t believe that those kids were in that race, but more so, that they had the humanity to help another who they were trying to beat.

It’s event’s like these that we can look at the children who will be taking care of us and feel comfortable that there is humanity left in the world, and that, just like our parents had to have known, we will be in good hands.  For these children, there isn’t enough publicity and good will for their life.

The last act I will write about was from my middle son.  Like most middle kids, he is selfless and a pleaser.  He does everything for everyone.  He is helpful and kind.  He is also very athletic and incredibly handsome (much like his father).  He’s also an individual that has no problem standing up for what is right.  Yes, I am a doting father.  This deed he did, it comes from a lot of children, but it makes you so proud when it is your own.  In a time when most kids go with the crowd, he choose not to.

There has been a girl, somewhat difficult from what I understand, at school.  This isn’t the first time I have heard him being nice to kids, but this is the most recent.  This girl gets picked on some, and maybe deservedly so (I don’t know the details).  She is not well liked.  But every time she needs help, or someone to sit with at lunch, or someone to be on her team or pick her, he comes through.  I’m not sure he really likes this person, or understands social responsibility.  What I do know is that the girl and the parents truly appreciate it.  I appreciate it too, because he inspires me every day to try and be a better man.

So as I finish writing this blog, slightly teary eyed, I would love to hear what has inspired you this year.


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  • On December 23, 2015
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