Politics in sales

Politics in sales

In case it has escaped your notice, there is an election in the US, we are surrounded by a storm of campaigning.

We all have our opinions on politics, social events and other people. Many people take to social media, television and the bar to promote their opinion. Having that opinion is perfectly fine and is everyone’s right as a breathing human. 

That doesn’t mean as an organization or sales person that opinion won’t hurt or help your sales. As an employer you have to know when you can support the opinion of individuals or when it is best to turn away from it. Furthermore how do you mitigate the negative effect that sharing your political opinion can have on sales.  

First: It’s best to leave it at home. This has always been a cardinal rule for everyone. Never talk religion or politics, no good will come of it in a business sense.

Two:  Just because it’s the mainstream opinion, it might not be the opinion of your best customers, and they may take their business elsewhere.  

Three: Think about who and how you are promoting your product or service as they have a direct impact on you.  

I look at all the big companies that are lining up behind one politician or another, and can’t help but think that it is a bad idea. 

I watch the NFL not address in anyway two topics that seem to be negatively impacting their product and wonder why they don’t? Individuals have thrust the companies into the political spectrum and there seems to be no resolution provided or no direction. 

In many cases there is a business directive or decision for supporting a specific candidate, like those of technology companies supporting democrats, because their viewpoint on TPP and Free trade agreements. It makes sense since they offshore their product development and software. Bringing this back into the USA would have impact on the bottom line cost and investments they have made. 

Turning back to NFL, I can’t help but think that they are blowing a wonderful opportunity to act as an ambassador and stop negative feelings towards the league.

The idea here is if you can avoid it, that’s the best. If you get thrown into it, you should look at your customer bases and determine what is the best path for you to take. This might be helping understand the cause, or taking corrective action on the person who is talking/disseminating their opinion publicly.

Business and politics don’t mix. 

  • Posted by Lanshore
  • On October 12, 2016

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