Expert Solutions


Our implementation process ensures all requirements are assessed and delivered throughout the project. We design a unique project plan for each organization that adheres to timelines, objective gates, and defined deliverables. We configure whichever software has been selected with the correct architectural guidance, and work through the testing and transition process in order to make sure it meets all requirements. Finally we design and deliver the appropriate training and support, to ensure a seamless handover to the ongoing operation.

Solution Roadmap

Our customers look to use our domain and technical experience to help identify issues and solve associated underlying problems in their environment. In order to do this, we complete a current state analysis to determine the root architectural cause for issues related to the commissions and/or total pay process. Once we have completed a current state assessment and defined the current status, we focus on understanding future requirements, doing both a functional gap analysis and software use analysis in order to create a desired state architectural plan.

This includes analysis to assess if existing software should be removed or left in place and re-architected. Being technology agnostic we only have the best performance as a focus. Finally, if needed, we often do vendor Selections and negotiations

Here are a few solution roadmap use cases:

  • Current State Assessment
  • Change Management
  • Architectural Determination

Strategic Information

Strategic transformation projects tend to start in our customers as a result of a merger, acquisition or corporate streamlining initiative. A very simple explanation of the service we provide to support this is that we analyze the existing total pay or commissions entire infrastructure. Whilst doing this we are focused on what the system is attempting to deliver to the end users:  Who consumes this information? Why do they use it? How are they receiving it?

When moving on to consider what the future should look like, we use our awareness of technologies and practices such as robotic process automation, data lake/data warehousing, business intelligence and cognitive technologies in order to determine possible solutions.  We leverage this, combined with our domain expertise to make the system much more efficient, realizing opportunities for real time reporting, calculations, data access and bot programming. Our transformational projects are delivered using our fast configuration process, that ensures an easy rollout, setup and analysis.