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Automating at scale

Automating at scale: can you see the big picture?  Why some organizations live to regret starting small with RPA By Gautame Vasista At the start of the RPA journey, most organizations tend to focus in on individual processes, or even a part of a process. First stage RPA projects typically have a small scope, investigating…

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Clash of Clans

How Liam Neeson got me to program my first bot Doug Erb It was the Super Bowl in 2015 and Liam Neeson is on a commercial promoting a game that my children had been playing a little. I enjoyed playing games when I was younger, and thought this one looked interesting, plus my kids wanted…

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The Gender Pay Gap

IT systems are part of the gender pay gap problem with digital process optimization and automation, they can also be part of the solution. The gender pay gap is a news item that’s not going away.

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