Now, let’s keep your Nearshore team running

Now, let’s keep your Nearshore team running

In order for any Nearshore organization to be successful, there has to be a level of dedication to that team greater than just the start up of the company.  In my experience, our Nearshore group was not successful until we dedicated a leadership level team member to the group on a scheduled and consistent basis.  In the beginning we went through the identification and training piece but lacked the commitment; it is here where most teams fail.

After talking with several people that have tried it out, nothing substitutes for a person being on-site and showing true commitment to the group.  This happens for a couple reasons:

  • Communication – By being on-site, the leader can see first hand if people are being utilized properly and are able to be part of a team.  That they understand the expectations of them and are following through, that they can be heard by someone in leadership if there is a problem that exists within the team or set of deliverables they are responsible for.
  • Commitment – If you show up once a year or have different individuals showing up at sporadic times, it conveys the message to your people that you truly don’t have a commitment to them or the location.  If this is part of your corporate direction, you need to prove it.  If you can’t make this commitment, you are better off utilizing a company (like ours) who will make that commitment and drive those people to be part of their organization and culture, ensuring your work is getting done.
  • Culture – Rather than have some haphazard culture be established, you will be able to establish the culture you embody in your entire company.  This will help keep the right people on board and show your team the growth possibilities.  A great example we have is playing soccer every Thursday as a team.  This didn’t happen until we started to dedicate a leader to be part of our Nearshore group on a permanent and routine basis.

By executing all these and a little more, our organization quadrupled in size in one year and we expect a similar growth in years to come.  Also, hire a very good manager and give them the latitude they need to run the group.


  • Posted by Doug Erb
  • On December 2, 2014