Intelligent Selling: Content and Consistency

Intelligent Selling: Content and Consistency

I keep hearing how irritating it is to get call after call from unsolicited people known as “Cold Callers”.  How people have logged into national “do not call” registries.  That it does more harm than good to get a call in for a company… Enter the social revolution, it will make you a billion dollar organization…Or maybe it won’t.  What they tell you is that content is key, if you tell a good story the masses will flock to your website/store/house with orders in hand. Educate and inform, but don’t call them or they might get mad! 

Slap of reality hitting your face right now.  You are not a billion dollar organization, when people search Google for whatever random special term that you find important (which real buyers may not) you’re on page 7.  Even better, maybe you’re on page 1, and your content is incredible.  So potential customers read your stuff, and then commoditize your business by going to the cheapest provider.  So how do you overcome the buyers world we live in?  Um, by selling of course.

Make no mistake; I don’t disagree with social selling and the importance of content.  I do however think it is folly to simply think that people will go to your website and start mailing in cash.  There has to be an intensive outreach effort along with all these tried and tested social media and Internet methods of selling.  It requires both content and consistency.  Part of what your organization needs to do, even more so if you are a new company, is to get your face in the crowd.

That means calling, social media, promotion and fill in the blank so that people know you exist.  If you limit yourself to what Google ads can get you, your company will be in for a long ride.  So what is the key theme here?  There is intelligent selling.  It is mixing social, educational or consultative selling with marketing and outreach campaigns.  Organizations now have to be aware of how to spend those dollars to get the most interaction and face time with your potential customers.

The moral of the story is that careful planning and scheduling, along with content and outreach will yield the best results.  Not simply putting brilliant content on a website to be ripped off by your competitors who will call people.  Happy hunting and I hope you do well in your new world of lead generation.


  • Posted by Lanshore
  • On April 8, 2015
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