Improving Sales Performance

Improving Sales Performance

In these days where the sales teams have become the main income generator for the companies, it is important to know some of the facts that improve the sales performance.

1. Sales Process – Documenting your sales methodology and best practices both for salespeople and sales managers provides an excellent base for improving your selling system. Once documented, the sales process drives hiring, coaching, training, and marketing support efforts.

2. Measurement is the essential ingredient of process improvement. Without clear expectations for activity and performance, sales improvement efforts generally don’t achieve company’s goals.

3. Support Systems including activity scorecards, technology, pipeline forecasting, territory plans, lead generation and strategy worksheets provide the tools to implement change. Companies should invest in improving their sales tools continuously.

4. Focus Coaching provides excellence and builds employee loyalty. Coaches are the catalysts of team and individual effectiveness. Their ability to tap and stretch the capacity of each individual generates power and momentum.

5. Training helps to communicate expectations, to stimulate growth, to lift individual performance. It must be a core practice, consistently applied and customized to fit your organization.

6. Compensation and recognition practices must be aligned to strategy.  Alignment increases the potential to maximize revenues.

7. Customer Retention is the main measurement of success. Its focus is indispensable, and everyone in the organization must take ownership for their role in adding value and enhancing the customer experience.

  • Posted by Doug Erb
  • On January 13, 2015