How to make a difference? Does it really matter?

How to make a difference? Does it really matter?

We wake up every day going to work, meeting people, acting important.  Some of us manufacture drama to get us through the day.  Is it imperative that we find meaning in our jobs?  How do you find meaning in commissions, and being part of that team?  How can we make our job interesting, and does it really matter? Well, I guess in some ways it is important and matters as follows:  we do pay people, we provide information, and we do believe that it models the behaviour of the organization and those people who we espouse to support. 

Is there something deeper than that?  While I can’t know why everyone else continues to work in this industry I can discuss my own path.

I seek the chalice.  The proverbial coup-de-grace.  This to me is translating all our data, our meaning, all those things that we calculate report modify, to a vision of light.  Finding the way to take this information and use it to drive different thinking and different views of how to drive organizations.

I live to be the Billy Bean of commissions.  We all sit back and talk about figuring out how to use analytic in our commission systems and I’ve been in countless meetings, yet really none have been awe inspiring.  None have been anything but backward thinking. I’ve read money ball, so what is our money ball, what is my companies money ball.  I think in defining this, one must understand where they want to be organizationally.  What are your organizational goals, and how do you put them in line with your employees and the people you are incenting. 

So the beginning of my tasks, and I would suggest your organization too, is determining if everyone that is part of the company is in the right role.  This isn’t just specific to sales people, but it gets amplified with this group.  Start with yourself, and identify your role.  Are you doing what you want and doing it to the best of your ability?  Then look at those around you and ask the same question. 

The next step, is identify who is doing a good job in your organization, and tell them.

Now we start making a difference, when we can recognize people and their effort, it begins to go a long way.  People need that positive connection.

Last, for this list only, let’s look at how you and others can grow.  I constantly read and reflect, trying to see what matters to me and what matters to others.

In the end we all can make a difference.  It’s whether we choose to or not.

Happy hunting, good job finishing this article!

  • Posted by Lanshore
  • On May 20, 2016

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