Lanshore, a rapidly growing Value -Added Reseller for Sales Performance Management Solutions, is happy to announce this new venture with Third Coast Bank, SSB. This funding will enable Lanshore to accelerate its already rapid growth.

Mark Warne, CFO added “We continue to have a very beneficial and long relationship with Third Coast Bank, working with Norma Velazquez Harris and her team. Not only do they meet our current capital requirements, but the ones needed to keep us expanding in the future”

Lanshore had already exceeded its revenue target for fiscal 2016, and is currently in pace to quadruple its revenue growth goal for 2017

“Third Coast Bank congratulates Lanshore LLC on achieving this great milestone! We look forward to their continued success and to growing our relationship!”.

Do you consider your organization to be in the right track using Excel spreadsheets to run your Commissions Process? Does it provide everything you need? Well, you might be right! We want to share with you some expertise on how to optimize it.

Learn how to support your sales team and produce bigger and faster deals!

Join us on August 25th at 11:00amCDT for this webinar, where you will learn ways to:

  • Merge departments in one tool.
  • Get quicker quotes and proposals.
  • Speed up a more accurate sales cycle.

You can achieve higher levels of accuracy, reduce errors, improve your control during the quoting process.

Also, we will show you a simplified process to get funnel visibility, deliver quicker proposals, simplify negotiations and concessions as they happen.

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Join our CPQ practice leaders as we talk through how to manage one of the most challenging areas for CPQ use - keeping the costs down as new products are added and processes change.

We are happy to announce Lanshore's Bronze sponsorship for CallidusCloud C3 Conference in Las Vegas. C3 is a great place to interact with the SPM world, make great connections, learn about the CallidusCloud applications.

We would love to meet you there! Send us an email at and let's connect!

Join us to learn from our 20 year experience in implementing Incentive Management solutions.

We will look at the 5 key things we have learnt (the hard way!) to be crucial to a successful project.

Meet Rob, not your average sales person, he is an out-performer, but like most of the ones you know, they are close to imposible to pin down and to get to enter and update anything into the company's Salesforce.

This webinar is an in depth view as to why your high performers refuse and struggle to keep their sales activity up to date.

We want to share with you a few ideas on how to finally get over this problem, because let's face it, we're sure you've tried before.

Also, when Rob opens his own shop and quits, where will all his information go?