Where have all the ETRM experts gone…?

Where have all the ETRM experts gone…?

With large projects in the US ramping up, and many of the Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) vendors continuing to have brisk sales in the first half of 2015, it begs the question: where have all the true ETRM experts gone?

By ETRM experts I don’t mean the “Johnny come lately” types who entered the space over the past few years when the oil prices were high, instead I am talking about the people with 15 to 25 years plus industry experience. The true ETRM experts are the people who know this space inside and out regardless of the technology or platform being installed today.

But the “Johnny come lately types” are what many larger consulting firms are pumping into and promoting in the space. Their price and the consulting firm brand they are attached to often make them attractive and get the client’s immediate attention.   Some of these ETRM rookies will ultimately work out and will eventually become true ETRM experts over time; however, a large number just add clutter to the space.   This clutter results in more and more ETRM expert wannabes in an already overcrowded space and that makes it difficult for customers to differentiate which individuals are true ETRM experts and which ones aren’t.

So, where have all the ETRM experts gone?   Some have gone to new projects, others have gotten so frustrated by the addition of so many newbies in the space that they (the experts) have decided to look elsewhere for greener pastures. Unfortunately, like diamonds in the rough, some ETRM experts are being overlooked given the overcrowded space.

Looking at a bunch of resumes or spending time on LinkedIn is not enough these days if you want to locate true ETRM experts as all the profiles start to look the same after a while.   LinkedIn and resumes can highlight you the people with experience with specific ETRM technology platforms, but that it in itself doesn’t typically equal true ETRM expertise. The good news is that there are ETRM experts available out there, you just need to look a little harder if you want to find them.

Many of the ETRM experts are reasonably priced independents that don’t wear a large consulting firm’s logo.   To find them it means looking deeper in the ETRM network of people.   It requires looking beyond the consulting firms who make you think you are getting high-end sports car when all they are actually providing you is a brand new bicycle.   Yes, the bicycle will certainly get you were you want to go, but there will be a lot of hard work along the way and it will take a heck of a lot more time (and money) than it should have to get there.

So don’t stop looking until you find the ETRM experts you are looking for because the reasonable priced ones are still out there and ready to assist you with your projects.


  • Posted by Lanshore
  • On June 25, 2015
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