Save the Americans!!!

Save the Americans!!!


Did you know that according to the website,

1 in 4 Americans get no paid vacation

59% of American feel vacation deprived


Americans leave over 5,000,000 vacation days unused

I was in the movie theater early last week to watch the last installment of the Star Wars story (Rogue One) and prior to the start of the movie the theater showed a video that I found rather humorous.   The video was sponsored by a website called   It featured a singing sloth and other singing animals (native to Costa Rica) that encourage Americans to take a break and visit Costa Rica.

The video can, of course, be found on YouTube or at However, watching it reminded me of how Costa Rica as a destination is viewed in the first world.   For me personally, it supports Lanshore’s notion that Costa Rica is an excellent place for business as well as tourism.   I have travelled extensively around the globe during my career and, while I may be able to find talented people who could work with Lanshore (or any other US based firm) in various other places in the world, Costa Rica is one of the few places outside of the first world where I always feel safe, I always look forward to visiting and, more importantly, is always looked upon favorably by my clients when I suggest a site visit.  Many of our clients have visited our offices in Costa Rica, and many plan to in the future.

I have been involved in nearshoring with other far flung locations and, while I won’t name the locations specifically, there is sometimes trepidation involved with site visits outside of the first world to lower cost regions of the globe.  Costa Rica is somewhat of an anomaly when it comes to nearshoring.   It has all the benefits associated with other low cost regions of the world for labor; it is, however, packaged with natural beauty, fewer security/safety risks, and a lot of great press back in the US.

I am happy to say that, in my own small way when I introduce Lanshore and Costa Rica to new prospects in the US, I feel that I am helping to “savetheamericans”. 

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  • On January 16, 2017

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