We looked into the future and saw the robotic revolution ahead. That’s why we’ve invested in and established our flagship Robotic Operations Center in Costa Rica. We call it The Roc.

At The Roc we use a formal, centralized process and organization to manage, develop and deploy continuous improvement to processes – or steps within a process – bound for automation.

The Roc’s workforce is multidisciplinary. Our governance team takes ownership of processes, working closely with customers on- and off-site to understand their business needs and constraints. Our technology team members put the governance team’s specifications into practice. Working back at base in The Roc, they use a controlled process to design and build RPA bots, make and test changes. They then distribute and implement the bots at customer sites.

Don’t fall into the trap of superficial RPA adoption. It’s an exciting technology and it’s easy to buy into it to tick the management board’s boxes without making sure you can use it effectively. You’re left with shelf-ware and the same inefficient processes.

Work with The Roc and you can deploy RPA safely using industry best practices. Leverage our low-cost near-shoring resources to develop your RPA solution fast and effectively. Send your team to Costa Rica for in-depth training. We call it a “crawl-walk-run” approach. Exploit our experience and expertise for robotic operations consultancy, business case development, planning, deployment and skills transfer.