How ZipLining in Costa Rica is Like Working in Sales Performance Management

How ZipLining in Costa Rica is Like Working in Sales Performance Management

So would I rather go zip lining in Costa Rica or spend time working on the topic of Sales Performance Management? I think you already know the answer hands down.   Ziplining in Costa Rica is awesome, and I can’t wait to do it again.   Okay, so with that said, how is ziplining in Costa Rica similar to working in Sale Performance Management.

For us at Lanshore, they are similar in that we can do both in when we are in Costa Rica.   Lanshore has an office in Costa Rica, so if you were to work on Sales Performance Management with our people in Costa Rica, you would be geographically located in the same place. It doesn’t matter if you were doing a system selection, a compensation plan analysis, a system implementation, configuring plan updates for the next year, or just trying to manage the services of your sales performance management system. If you were working with our team in Costa Rica, chances are at some point in time you would be visiting our offices in San Jose. When you did that you would be geographically working on Sales Performance Management but you would be similarly located close to some of the most awesome ziplining in the world.


So other than the geographic aspect of ziplining and Sales Performance Management work, how else are they same?

You probably remember the old saying from high school math that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.   That applies to both the concept of ziplining and Sales Performance Management. ziplining and Sales Performance Management are both about finding the shortest distance between two points, but even better than that they are both focused on getting you between those two points fast, very fast.

Ziplining of course uses gravity to help get you between the two points quickly, with Sales Performance Management we use algebra configured into specialized software systems to help transport the sales people directly to the information they need to have to promote better Sales Performance results in the future. By making that information available to sales people and having that information available to sales managers, the sales management team can better identify real time trends in the sales teams performance. Having this information available during the compensation period can be help for course correction throughout the year.   Knowing that information directly and knowing that information in a timely manner is similar to the way a zipline functions.   The zipline is about as direct as you can get and once you get on the line, you will get to the other point in a very timely fashion.



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  • On November 6, 2017

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