Lanshore Cares

Lanshore Environmental Sustainability Policy:
Helping save the planet one day at a time

Lanshore is committed to taking great measures and doing whatever what it takes to ensure that we not only avoiding harming the environment but are help it replenish itself and flourish at the same time. It is very important to us that we take the proper steps toward environmental preservation and we want to be on the forefront of the global movement toward conservation and protection of our planet.

It is no secret that the planet is going through a difficult period of environmental change with the ever-increasing prominence of plants and vehicles that release gases and other chemicals that pollute the air and are very detrimental to Earth as a whole. The change in climate that we see currently is unprecedented and very concerning with regards to the sustainability of life in our world. On top of this issue it seems like there is an increasing number of people with no concern for environment and are okay with tossing trash and unused items anywhere they please.
Lanshore LLC identified and understood the issue at hand so when we began forming our company we did so with the good of the Earth in mind. We agreed that we did not want to be the type of organization that disregarded the very planet that allows us to have life. With this at the forefront of out mind, we came together and discussed the measures we would take toward our goal, having a successful company that also bolsters the success of the environment.
Ever since we made the decision to be an eco-friendly company, we have not strayed from that ideal. As Lanshore LLC has grown, so has our desire to sustain our environment. We have used our increased platform to continue to spread awareness on the issues regarding our planet and are prepared to continue to do so in the near and distant future. We hope to help save the Earth one day at a time.

Our policies are enforced at every one of our establishments and it is expected that out employees follow them in the office and in life outside of the workplace.

Provisions and Conditions:
1.Sustainable Energy
We have based our offices and services in Coast Rica, as it is 100% Carbon Neutral and only uses renewable sources of energy including hydroelectricity (Costa Rica’s largest source of energy), solar power, and wind power. In fact, Costa Rica has run on 100% renewable energy for nearly a full year and has generated more than 98% of its energy over the last four years from renewable sources.

At Lanshore LLC it is imperative that anything that can be recycled or reused finds the proper place so that it does not go to waste. We have several bins set up around the office so employees know exactly where to dispose of recyclable items. We feel that it is our duty to ensure that nothing goes to waste and Landfills are not filled with non-biodegradable items.

We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to littering and we have made it very clear that we expect everyone in the office to oblige to the rules and make and effort to pick up any trash they come across on the streets.

4.Pollution Reduction
As a company, we try to avoid any unnecessary services that may require gas emission or cause any sore of harm to the environment. We also encourage eco-friendly activities such as carpooling and biking.

5.Compliance with Laws and Regulations
We make it a priority to comply with any laws or regulations regarding the environment in all our offices and workplaces.

6.Responsibility and Reporting
We have a bi-annual meeting regarding where we stand regarding our company’s goals relating to preservation and sustainability. We also look at reports and analyze our progress towards becoming 100% eco-friendly.

The leaders here at Lanshore LLC make it of the upmost importance that our rules and policies are followed as stated. We are also constantly brainstorming new ideas and coming up with innovative ways to become as green as possible.