Lanshore Cares

The majority of Lanshore’s consultants are physically located in Costa Rica. Aside from the cultural benefits, and the great people we have on our team as a result of this, we are also very proud to base our main operation in a country where 98% of power is produced from renewable energy.

We always encourage our customers to visit us at our growing offices in Costa Rica to learn more about our operation, the country we chose and of course join us in one of the intercompany sporting matches.

In the rest of the world we may not be able to match the sunshine, sport or renewable energy we are blessed with in Costa Rica but we try and make Lanshore a happy place to work and contribute to local and national causes and charities where possible.

Last year we made a significant dontaction to the MS Society at the request of one of customers who won one of our competitions. This is something we will be repeating this year and know we can rely on whoever in our customer base wins the draw to nominate another worthy cause.