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Lanshore is a software technology provider focusing on Sales Performance Management and analytics software that allow companies to not only pay their organizations but truly determine the value and direction of their sales operations to their corporate strategy. By leveraging leading commission system software along with new disruptive techniques in data modeling, forecasting and analysis, Lanshore is truly on the forefront of sales technology.

With the ability to resell leading commissions technology, Lanshore has created a data model that also leverages cognitive learning teamed with bot programing to drive your data models and data cleansing. We don’t just aspire to show you how you pay, but accurately show you how your sales model is supported by the organization holistic set of information. This allows companies to forecast far more accurately their expected cost of sales, revenue, and alignment to overall corporate direction.

The Lanshore Team

Doug Erb – Texas, USA

Doug is the CEO and founding partner of Lanshore. His consultancy background and deep technical knowledge is balanced by a passion for business growth. He oversees sales and operations. He is also personally responsible for spearheading training and knowledge transfer to Fortune 500 companies and high-level organizations.

Doug has a track record of founding and developing successful organizations over the last two decades, including eight years at Canidium. Fifteen years working in the variable compensation field as a consultant and lead for planning, design and implementation mean that Doug has a thorough, hands-on knowledge of innovative technology design and delivery as well as commercial strategy.

His experience comes from a range of industries, including insurance, banking, automotive, retail, manufacturing and telecommunications. Doug has worked for Sprint and Accenture and graduated from Indiana State University.

Elizabeth Dennett – York, UK

Elizabeth is Chief Marketing Officer and a partner at Lanshore. She has global responsibility for marketing and lead generation, including relationship and partner management. Elizabeth also has responsibility for Global business development and EMEA sales, project leadership and staff management.

She has worked in the IT solutions industry for over two decades, her career taking her from IBM to a VP of CA Technologies in that time.

She has worked in sales, technical, strategy, consultancy and leadership roles, deploying her experience and knowledge of HR, commissions, CPQ, coaching and lead generation, with a particular focus on EMEA markets. Elizabeth graduated from the University of Leeds.

Karen Donovan – Texas, USA

Karen is a Managing Consultant at Lanshore. She brings a strong track record of successful client project planning and delivery from her previous roles as Senior Consultant at Marigold Consulting Group and as an IT services specialist at Enbridge Energy Company. She has over three decades’ professional experience in the technology sector. Karen graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Ben Cordner – London, UK

Ben is a Solutions Architect at Lanshore. He is an RPA expert, with practical experience gained in Robotic Solutions at NICE LTD. Previously he worked as an integration engineer. Ben has over 15 years’ experience and graduated from the University of Leeds.

Scott Tarpley – California, USA

Scott is the Head of Client Services at Lanshore. He has deep technology and project experience in SPM and compensation management, from his prior role as Business Development Director at Beqom. With over 25 years’ professional experience in technology sales and account management, Scott graduated from California State University.

Mark Warne – Texas, USA

Mark is Head of RPA and a partner at Lanshore. He is responsible for financial administrative matters in the US, oversees legal communications and proceedings, and manages as Lanshore’s fiscal compliance.

Mark was instrumental in setting up Lanshore’s nearshore capability in 2011 and has been working with the Costa Rican team ever since to establish and develop our market-leading Robotic Operations Center (ROC). He has overseen some of Lanshore’s largest US-based customer engagements.

As MD of Cercona Consulting and President at Xcellat Consulting, Mark has over 20 years’ experience in business analysis, IT development and project leadership for transaction management system implementations, particularly in the energy and IT industries. He has hands-on experience in trading and risk management, exploration and production, pipeline operations, accounting, business consulting and software development, specializing in international projects.

Ricardo Cornejo – San José, Costa Rica

Ricardo is Lanshore’s Technical Services Manager. He has impressive experience gained in software development at Fortem and as a Project Manager at Accenture. Ricardo’s career spans more than a decade since he graduated from the Universidad Hispanoamericana with a Master’s Degree in Computer Software Engineering.

Greg Livengood – Texas, USA

Greg is Lanshore’s lead Sales Performance Management Consultant. Previously, he held senior roles in compensation management solution planning, development and  delivery at the LC Firm and in management at Deloitte, OpenSymmetry and Callidus.

He began his career at Accenture and has gained more than 20 years’ client experience since, following his graduation in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University.   

Gautame Vasista – Texas, USA

Gautame is the Senior Director of Delivery at Lanshore. Before that, she worked as Director of the Center of Excellence at Iconixx. With client experience and hands-on technical knowledge gained as a Senior Consultant at Callidus Cloud, Gautame has a deep, applied understanding of strategic and operational software tools and best practice. She has forged a successful 20-year career since graduating from Osmania University.

Rebecca Rodríguez – Washington, USA

Rebecca is Director of Services at Lanshore. With almost two decades of client project experience gained in the technology and services sector, she brings strong customer focus from working for demanding clients and successful providers. Rebecca previously held senior roles at Ironside and Canidium. She graduated from the University of New York College at Oswego in Mathematics and Computer Science.

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