The Importance of Documentation

The Importance of Documentation

Have you ever arrived to your new job or gotten a new position and you need to manage a system or follow a process to complete your tasks but you don’t know how to do it? You ask your boss for assistance and he/she sits with you for a long period of time explaining how the system works and everything you need to do perform your work. This situation happens very often within the companies worldwide and can be solved with Documentation.

Documenting your processes can help a company in several ways:

Save money: The company whose policy is to document all its processes save a lot of money in trainings for their employees. Wasting time looking to resolve an issue because you are flying blind in a system costs money. The longer it takes to resolve an issue the more cost to your customers and company.

Save time: When you have subordinates the documentation save you time since you don’t need to spend too much time explaining how to do a job. Simply, deliver the right documentation to the person who will be performing the job. He/She will just follow the instructions written and you can continue working with your tasks.

Backup: When your employees are out of the office, on vacations, sick leave, etc., you can always have another person backup the employee who is out. Even though the backup person have never done the job before, with the documentation will be able to perform the processes efficiently. The accumulative work due to the absence of one employee turns into zero and the company continues its work normally; you avoid the knowledge loss.

The documentation of processes needs to be very detailed, concise, clear and more importantly, updated. If a process changes, the documentation needs to be updated promptly. Moreover, the company should provide their employees with the tools (templates, system accesses, time) needed to create and update documents.


  • Posted by Doug Erb
  • On May 17, 2014

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